My fan-artworks of Jean-Michel Jarre !

foto-2149-Mélancolique Rodéo Book 1 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Oktober 2019)

foto-2150-Mélancolique Rodéo Book 2 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Oktober 2019)

foto-2151-Mélancolique Rodéo Book 3 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Oktober 2019)

foto-2142-Creative Room (teddynash Jarre FanArt, August 2019)

foto-2145-PopArt-Tv (teddynash Jarre FanArt, September 2019)

foto-2138-Oxygene 2019 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juni 2019)

foto-2135-France Watcher (teddynash Jarre FanArt, April 2019)

foto-2131-A Watcher is born (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Januar 2019)

foto-2140-Magnetic Fields (Version 2) (teddynash Jarre FanArt, August 2019)

foto-2112-Magnetic Fields (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2117-Easter Island (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2116-Crazy Watcher (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2119-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 8 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Dezember 2018)

foto-2114-Watchers Drawing (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2110-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 7 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2109-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 6 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, November 2018)

foto-2108-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 5 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Oktober 2018)

foto-2107-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 4 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, September 2018)

Jarre: "Thank you to my very loyal fan @teddynash_ for yet another great interpretation
of the cover artwork for Equinoxe Infinity. Well done

foto-2106-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 3 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, September 2018)

foto-2104-Waiting for Equinoxe Infinity 1 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, September 2018)

foto-2099-PlanetJarre 7 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, September 2018)

foto-2098-40 years Equinoxe 2 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, August 2018)

PlanetJarre 6 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juli 2018)

PlanetJarre 5 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juli 2018)

PlanetJarre 4 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juli 2018)

PlanetJarre 3 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juni 2018)

PlanetJarre 1 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juni 2018)

Jarre: "Incredible fan interpretation of by “teddynash”.
Always so nice to see your thoughts on new projects.
Please keep sending, would love to see more."

PlanetJarre 2 (teddynash Jarre FanArt, Juni 2018)
(Not the real LP Cover - FanArt only)

Jarre FanArt Magentic Fields 1 (teddynash, März 2018)

Jarre FanArt Magentic Fields 2 (teddynash, März 2018)
(Not the real LP Cover - FanArt only)

Jarre FanArt Oxygene Rendezvous 3 (teddynash, Februar 2018)

Jarre FanArt Oxygene Rendezvous 1 (teddynash, Februar 2018)

Zoolook Fanart (teddynash, Juni 2016)

Jarre Fan Art 2014 (teddynash, November 2014)

Monaco, Jarre come to you...  (teddynash, Juni 2011)

Around the World - Jarre 2010 (teddynash, Februar 2010)

FanArt Jarre China (teddynash, November 2017)

Oxygene 3 Vinyl !

Rubik Jarre  (teddynash, Februar 2010)

30th anniversary of Oxygene (teddynash, Oktober 2007)

3D Joke Cover !
(Not the real Cover - FanArt only)

(Not the real CD Cover - FanArt only)

(Not the real LP !!! - FanArt only)
Special Joke ! ;-)

One of my first real Artworks !
30 Jahre Oxygene (teddynash, April 2006)

40th anniversary of Oxygene (teddynash, Juni 2016)

R-evol-utions with Love !

Very old small Artworks:

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